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Mailing Bag Shop's Custom Mailing Bag service offers a designer mailing bag at incredible prices. For a minimum order of 3000 - 5000 bags depending on the size of the bag, Mailing Bag Shop can create a designer mailing bag specific to your business requirements. Bags can be in any colour or size and will of course be to Mailing Bag Shop's extremely high quality specification. Designer mailing bags won't break or split. They have a strong easy peel glue strip and a fully waterproof so your product will remain free of an moisture damage.

We also recognise that for some customers this quantity may be prohibitive so Mailing Bag Shop also offers a Printed Mailing Bag option. This is one of our stock bags over printed with your logo or message to create a designer mailing bag for any order of 1000 or more bags. This process can only produce logos of one colour and on one side of the bag but provides an extremely cost effect way of promoting your brand or website. The cost of designer mailing bags printed in this way is £75 plus a one of £25 printing plate charge. Once your printing plate has been purchased we will store this for you for subsequent orders.

Designer mailing bags can be printed for as little as 10p bag and 7.5p per subsequent order. This is based on an order quatity of 1000 mailing bags and the more you buy the cheaper it gets. Compared to other forms of advertising and promotion - designer mailing bags represent extremely good value for money.

For custom or printed mailing bags please contact Mailing Bag Shop for more information.
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