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MailingBagShop are industry leaders in cheap mailing bags. We strive to be a low overhead operation that gives best value across all products however if price is the main consideration then select from Grey Mailing Bags. The grey mailing bag range does not compromise on strength with bags being manufactured from a specially developed, tough, biodegradable 55 micron (250g) linear low density polythene. Each bag has an easy to peel and seal permanent self adhesive strip which seals securely. Simply put - once sealed THESE BAGS WILL NOT BREAK OR SPLIT.

In order to ensure a consistent colour and cheapest price the range is an attractive shade of mid grey that can be written on with black marker pen. Polythene bags are waterproof and opaque so the contents or your package can not be seen. We believe that for a mailing bag of this specification this really is the best value mailing bag on the market.

For cheap mailing bags select MailingBagsShop's - Grey Mailing Bags.

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