Grey Mailing Bags

Grey mailing bags are our best selling range providing a really cost effective postal packaging and the no 1 choice when price is the main criteria. Many happy customers have commented on how pleased they are with the quality of these bags - they will not break or split and because grey mailing bags are waterproof your contents will be protected from moisture damage.

Using the Mailing Bag Shop's Grey Mailing Bags will also improve your business's environmental credentials because these bags are both recyclable and biodegradable. Biodegradability is achieved through the addition of 'Biothene' to the specification. The Biothene when exposed to UV light triggers a degradation of the polythene which continues even when light is no longer present eg in a landfill site. This is a very slow process and will not effect the performance of your grey mailing bags providing they are stored within the cardboard outer supplied.

The Mailing Bag Shop's grey mailing are an attractive shade of mid grey and opaque so that contents are kept private. The mailing bags can be addressed with black marker pen, address label or document enclosed wallet. There is also a wide choice of sizes so that you can select the optimum size for the contents.
Grey Mailing Bags Grey Mailing Bags
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