Biodegradeable Mailing Bags

The Mailing Bags Shop's entire range of Grey Opaque Mailing Bags are biodegradable. Bio-degradability is achieved through the addition of as little as 3% Biothene to the mailing bag manufacturing specification.

Biodegradable mailing bags are just as tough and will last just as long as non biodegradable bags until exposed to UV light so storage of the bags within the cardboard outer box is not a problem.

On exposure to UV light, Biothene triggers a degradation reaction within the polythene mailing bag. This does not commence until the polythene is exposed to UV light but continues even when light is no longer present for example in a landfill site and is speeded up by heat.

Biothene degradates polythene to a fine powder enabling biological degradation takes place. The end result of biodegradation is carbon dioxide and water with a small residue of non-toxic inert mineral material.

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