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Mailing Bag Shop provides a high quality and best value polythene mailing bags to suit all requirements. Polythene is the ideal material for mailing bags being tough, light and waterproof. It can also be manufactured as opaque so that the contents of the mailing can not be seen and clear for promotional items and leaflets. Polythene mailing bags also provide the perfect medium for branding mailings and promotional messages. Please contact us directly for more information about custom mailing bags.

Contrary to common belief the environmental credentials of polythene mailing bags are also high. All Mailing Bag Shops mailing bags are RECYCLABLE. With the grey and clear mailing bag ranges also being biodegradable and the grey mailing bags also containing a significant percentage of recycled material.

Polythene thickness is usually measured in microns (this is appreviated to MU and represents 1000th of a millimetre). MailingBagShop ensure that all its mailing bags are of more than sufficient thickness/strength for the purpose for which they are intended. Clear mailing bags which are designed for leaflets are 40mu with grey mailing bags at 55mu and blue and black/white bags being at 60mu. Please contact us for advice on the best type of mailing bag for your requirements.
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